Our idea:

Our basic idea is voluntary education through personal initiative. The goal is the exchange of knowledge and learning together, from each other. First of all, it should be noted here that relatively little is offered for the subject of purchasing and supply management at the level of education as a teaching profession, but also in colleges and universities. The field of logistics and supply chain management is much more strongly represented and thus also more frequented. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the field of Purchasing and Supply Management is just as important in the daily economic reality.

Your contributions allow us to run the Purchasing to go knowledge platform, to promote the exchange on the topic of procurement among each other and to support research projects in a practice-oriented way.

In the future you will find more information about our projects here. Direct donations are unfortunately not possible.



In the marginal times of the day, the so-called to-go time, Purchasing to go regularly offers qualified contributions from practice and science, as well as various suggestions on the subject of purchasing, procurement and supply. Often, in the course of our daily tasks, we only take a short time for the so important element of further education. According to this circumstance, we want to offer a contemporary solution with Purchasing to go.

We intend to publish two lectures per month and have conceptually decided to offer our lectures in the morning or in the evening. This way, all interested parties should be able to attend one of the presentations and a short Q&A session afterwards, either at the start of the day or in a more relaxed way in the evening.

Of course, we want our Purchasing to go network to grow, so we invite you all to also contribute your own technical paper or suggest a speaker. We will then make every effort to get in touch with the speaker. Please contact us at any time.

We also follow the principle: Half of Purchasing is Sales! At Purchasing to go, we will therefore not only give buyers the platform to exchange ideas, but also offer the areas of sales, key account management and sales the opportunity to exchange knowledge.


Your contributions

Purchasing to go is a non-profit and therefore relies on your leacture contributions. We can offer you the following packages.

Package 1:
One lecture for 12,99€

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